Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Homeless Christmas Dinner - 12/20/10

Last night we had the pleasure of serving 14 homeless people a Christmas dinner that was graciously hosted by our good friends at Boulders on Broadway! We literally drove around Tempe and found 14 people that needed something to eat, and were also able to give them blankets and Bibles, as well as show them the love of Christ and share the Gospel with them! This was an event we did with the people of Apologia Church, and I just want to say how overly blessed and encouraged I was by their willingness to serve and love. Jeff and I took some time to just sit back and observe, and what we saw was awe inspiring. We saw our flock graciously serving, unselfishly loving, and faithfully sharing the Gospel from the Word; and they did this all on their own, without even the slightest prompt! Jeff and I are so incredibly blessed by Jehovah Jireh with such an amazing ministry at Apologia of an absolutely transparent group of people that are hungry to grow in and serve Jesus Christ! This is a blessing that cannot be accurately described with words.

Apologia Church, you are amazing; keep up the good work for the Gospel!